So I have been developing what I think will be an amazing tool for businesses, really any business. It’s called a Video Business Card, and it’s unlike any video you’ve ever seen for creating a real, emotional connection with the audience while describing your business. It can help you, as a business owner, save time (think getting off of sales calls all day or other applications), make more money (by automating a ton of your sales process while making it run 24/7) and improve relationships (by really connecting with your target market). I’m really excited to be offering this, and each one I create is only going to be better and better.

Right now I am proud to share with you the beta for my VBC, which was for Oooh Snap Photobooth. Now some of you might know this as my company because it is! I interviewed my wife, Teresa, for the video because I needed to be the one conducting the interview, and she runs the day to day of that business. However, admittedly, she didn’t have the emotional investment¬†in the business that a lot of business owners will have, and so the emotional connection is not all the way there (hence, it is a beta). This is a new style of interview that has a ton of potential, however, and we still created an amazing video for our business that we will use as an asset for years to come. Without further ado, here it is!