Something I have been working to develop is the Video Business Card (VBC). At first glance, it may seem like an “About Us” video, and I admit that it serves the same purpose, but it does so much more. The VBC is specifically configured not only to tell someone about you and your business but also to engage the viewer on an emotional level through authenticity. Have you ever been on a call where you had to explain your business (or maybe several in one day)? The solution is to put a VBC on the front page of your website, so people know what you do before they ever call. Does your sales cycle take a nosedive whenever you go on vacation? Again, the VBC solves that by capturing your authentic enthusiasm for the business the same way every time, and it puts that in front of your customers 24/7/365. Do you lose sleep over the clients who visit your website and still know nothing about you? I mean when is the last time you thoroughly read an “About Us” section on someone’s website? Guess what? A VBC can solve that problem as well. After watching your VBC, your customers will know, like, and trust you. The point is, if you know you need video for your business – which every business does – but don’t know where to start, a VBC is the way to go.

I’ve created my own VBC and will be putting it on the homepage of my website, to give you a sample. I just finished it, but have already used it in two meetings. Take a look!