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From Consultation To Cash

Video is the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. It will comprise very nearly all internet activity in the very near future. You can go just about anywhere and get a video made. Even Craigslist. So you get your video made, and then it hits you: What the hell do you do next? If you’re at this point, it may be too late. You may have completely the wrong video for how you need to market. See how our methods are different, and how we aren’t finished because your video is.


We start with a revolutionary concept – talking to you. We find out all we can about your business, your clients or customers, your hopes, dreams, and fears. Mostly we figure out what type of video marketing you need. This step is key because it can greatly influence the tone,  message, and timing of your video. If we can’t come up with it on the spot, we’ll do some research and come back over and over until you’re satisfied.


We launch into research, script-writing, and casting. We won’t rest until we’ve got the perfect script for your business, and more importantly, to effectively convey your message to your customer.


All of our hard work leads to this – more hard work! We show up on site to show the world what you do best. Now is the time to shoot, shoot, shoot! Don’t let the size of our cameras fool you, they are powerhouse machines, delivering highly cinematic images. Combined with our ability to (legally) capture drone footage, you will love the videos we take.


Post-Production does not just mean editing. It means if we think we missed something while shooting, we go back and get it. This is the time when we can look back at everything we have and say, “Did we get it all?” Some companies have a fix-it-in-post policy. We have a do-it-right policy.

Then You’re Done!


Time for some special sauce. This is where most video production companies will say “Here’s your video, good luck!” We don’t do that. We are better partners than that. Here is where we deliver measurable results.

Managed Facebook and Youtube Ads

We know that for most businesses this is the way to go. For the majority of us, it is impossible to overcome the giants and win any organic SEO space worth having. With PPC ads on Facebook and Youtube, we can target clients down to your neighborhood, and through various tracking methods, you can see the concrete ROI of your video.

Video SEO

The holy grail of video marketing. Ever searched Google for a movie trailer or a how-to?  You know those little (or sometimes BIG) thumbnails that show up in the normal search results, letting you know there’s a video to play there? That’s what Video SEO is all about. Getting your video to show up on Google search results. Not every business is qualified for this, but if you are, we highly recommend you try it. The best part is, if your video is not ranking, you don’t pay a dime.


Think TV ads are the way to go? Or you want to show up in a movie theatre? Or Google Adwords Video? We’ve got you covered. Or maybe your business qualifies for Video SEO, but you don’t want to wait to rank. No problem, we can manage it all.

Ongoing Analytics

We’re still not done. After we have run your campaign, you get monthly reports on how your video is doing. We can track clicks, sign ups, even sales. You will know exactly how valuable your video is. We are more than a production company. You are truly gaining a partner with us.

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