Services That Help You Find Customers And Make Money

A Set of Services Designed to Effectively and Effortlessly Aquire Customers Through Video

Left Mind Media is a video production and marketing company, offering a complete partnership for our clients. If you aren’t making money off your video, we don’t rest until you are. With over 16 years experience in video production, we will not only put out an effective marketing piece, but it will also look clean, polished, and professional. This allows us to execute your vision in a unique, creative way, while helping you grow and continue to succeed.

Managed Facebook and Youtube Ads

We know that for most businesses this is the way to go. For the majority of us, it is impossible to overcome the giants and win any organic SEO space worth having. With PPC ads on Facebook and Youtube, we can target clients down to your neighborhood, and through various tracking methods, you can see the concrete ROI of your video.

Video SEO and YouTube Optimization

The holy grail of video marketing. Ever searched Google for a movie trailer or a how-to?  You know those little (or sometimes BIG) thumbnails that show up in the normal search results, letting you know there’s a video to play there? That’s what Video SEO is all about. Getting your video to show up on Google search results. Not every business is qualified for this, but if you are, we highly recommend you try it. The best part is, if your video is not ranking, you don’t pay a dime.

Alternative Management

Think TV ads are the way to go? Or you want to show up in a movie theater, Google Adwords Video, Wistia? We’ve got you covered. Or maybe your business qualifies for Video SEO, but you don’t want to wait to rank. No problem, we can manage it all. From custom landing pages to personalized video fliers (yes you read that right) we’ve got the tools to make sure your video is in the proper format.

Video Production

If you have distribution down, and would just like us to create the video, you are still in the right place. We’ll still consult with you before writing our script, and work with you every step of the way to make the video you have been dreaming of. With our years of experience, we can produce any video you like. Starting with our core, we can always expand our resources, so no project is too big, or too small.

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